Where to Stay in Bangkok: Your Ultimate Guide to Accommodation Options

As you read articles on the hundreds of activities, thousands of restaurants, and myriad of bars in Bangkok, you’ll likely feel overwhelmed at some point in your research. The highlights of the city are spread out through an expansive sprawl of concrete jungle – one can’t possibly be close to everything. Lucky for you – we’ve compiled a comprehensive guide to hotels, hostels, and accommodations in Bangkok.

Where to stay in Bangkok: Our complete list of recommendations offers insight into the best sleeping accommodations for families, backpackers, couples, and first-timers. Regardless of whether you are traveling to pursue sightseeing or nightlife, we can guide you to the perfect Bangkok neighborhood.

The population here competes with New York City. Districts in Bangkok can vary from upscale and cosmopolitan to crazy party streets that don’t sleep until the early morning. It’s crucial you have an in-depth understanding of where you are staying, otherwise, you might be in for a surprise. So why are you visiting Bangkok?

For Nightlife

Bangkok is notorious for a wide array of nightlife. If you’re under the age of 80 and visiting Bangkok, there’s a rather solid chance you want to visit one of the city’s world-renowned bars. Your age, income level, and desired noise level will all play into your drinking decisions. So what are the best neighborhoods for you?

Khao San Road is the most popular area for libations in Bangkok. Leonardo DiCaprio’s ‘The Beach’ sets its stage on this sometimes seedy street. Khao San Road can be found in the Banglamphu neighborhood. If you’re only in Bangkok for a short time (or a good time), Khao San Road is a great place to look for accommodations.

The perception of this road is often characterized as exclusively a backpacker’s boozefest. The truth is far from that misconception. In addition to crazy bars, Khao San Road is home to great markets, tons of street food, and a number of places with live music.

There are myriad hotels and hostels in this part of Banglamphu. Some of the most popular places to stay in Khao San are Villa Mungkala, the Violet Tower at Khaosan Palace, Khaosan Palace Hotel, Phranakhon Hostel.

Dang Derm Khao San offers the most interesting room experiences you can find in Bangkok. Villa Cha-Cha Banglumphu has one of the most zen pools to nurse your hangover the next day. Don’t let the funny names fool you.

Almost all of the hotels and hostels in this strip offer a bar on-site. However, if you’re looking for a party and after nightlife atmosphere, DPM Bangkok Hostel is the best place for transient young travelers.

Soi Rambuttri is often referred to as the quieter little brother of Khao San Road. You can find a number of quality bars on this street that runs adjacent to the partying. Many party-goers prefer to sleep one street over here because the noise levels are much more suitable for a good night’s sleep. “Have your beer and drink it, too.”

Nana Plaza is home to a seedier version of fun. This red light zone is known for the 40 different go-go bars that line the multiples stories of this plaza. Nana’s humble beginnings stem from the Soi Cowboy bar.

Soi is the Thai name for a side street that branches off from a major road. Many years ago, an African-American cowboy named T.G. ‘Cowboy’ Edwards retired from the U.S. Air Force and moved to Thailand. This man and his ten-gallon hat earned the nickname of ‘Soi Cowboy’ and the bar was named to pay tribute to him.

There were multiples scenes from ‘The Hangover 2’ filmed in Nana Plaza. You don’t have to partake in the wildness to enjoy the nightlife here. This is arguably one of the best places in the world to people watch. After a long night of not-so-silently observing the drunk patrons, you will need a place to sleep – but where?

A recent trend in Asia has been the emergence of condotels. These buildings are half hotel/half condo and you can find lots of them in this part of Bangkok. Shama Sukhumvit Bangkok and 128 Bangkok are two shining examples of this new trend.

Majestic Suites Hotel has been a Nana favorite for years, as has the Grand 5 Hotel. If you’re after something trendier and less traditional, spend the night at Hotel Icon Bangkok Sukhumvit,  Heaven@4, or SureStay Plus by Best Western Sukhumvit 2. The best hostel in this area of Bangkok is Jellybean CheQinn Hostel. No matter your choice, you’ll have a clean pillow and sleep like a rock after your night out here.

Silom Road is the cosmopolitan nightlife scene for Thai socialites and Westerners with money. This financial district is filled with law firms and suits. However, it transforms into one of the liveliest scenes in Bangkok at night. If you’re going out here, a dress code will likely be enforced.

If you can afford to stay at one of Silom Road’s hotels, wearing nice clothes should be no problem. The Sky Bar is arguably Bangkok’s most famous bar. This elegant bar scene sits 63 stories above the city streets. This swankier part of town offers some other great party spots like Maggie Choo’s Bar and Queen Victoria.

A huge number of Silom Road visitors stay at The Grand Sathorn. This hotel offers a free riverboat shuttle – one of the best ways to see Bangkok. iSanook Bangkok, The Surawongse Marriott Hotel, and SO Sofitel Bangkok are all hotels that offer jaw-dropping views. Try to request a room on the top floors to see the Bangkok skyline at sunset.

For Sightseeing

The most popular sightseeing activities in Bangkok are The Grand Palace, the Khlong Lad Mayom Floating Market, Lumphini Park, and the Jim Thompson House. We will give you a rundown of the best hotels near each of these individual tourist sights.

The Grand Palace is the most famous tourist sight in Bangkok. The architecture is as eclectic as it is massive. Sala Arun, Sala Rattanakosin, and Riva Arun all over stunning views of the Grand Palace towers. You won’t regret booking a room with a view here.

The Khlong Lad Mayom Floating Market is an incredible area that sets the scene for beautiful pictures and offers one delicious snack after the next. However, it is quite far away from the city center of Bangkok. If you’d like to spend the majority of your trip away from the city, spend the night at Thaihome Resort or Waterside Hotel.

Lumphini Park is an amazing one-of-a-kind authentic Bangkok experience. When you arrive at the park, it will seem like nothing out of the ordinary. However, once you start walking around you start to spot a few of the 400+ (giant) monitor lizards that reside in this park. Besides the lizards, this park is a cultural staple of Bangkok, with Tai Chi classes, yoga classes, and food festivals galore. Some hotels that you can stay at near Lumphini Park include SO Sofitel Bangkok, Banyan Tree Bangkok, and Crowne Plaza Bangkok Lumpini Park.

The Jim Thompson House is a must-see for those interested in cultural happenings. Without spoiling too much of the secret, Jim Thompson saved the Thai silk industry only to go missing on a vacation in Malaysia. His house has recently been converted into a museum. Some hotels near The Jim Thompson House include PatumWan House, Siri Sathorn Hotel and The Jellybean EZY Hostel.

For Families

If you brought your young children to Bangkok, then kudos to you. You are eligible for the ‘Most Adventurous Parents’ Award. In reality, Bangkok is like any big city. It has a tame side that can still leave your kids bewildered with amazement.

Siam is a popular destination for families traveling to Thailand. Apart from its convenient location near the SkyTrain, there are a plethora of shopping malls in the vicinity. Most of these malls have huge child-friendly food courts that replicate what you can find on the street (in a much more sanitary fashion).

There are numerous activities for your young ones here, such as Sea Life Bangkok, KidZania, and the many hotels here known for incredible swimming pools. Mercure Bangkok Siam, Chao Hostel, Happy 3, Pathumwan Princess Hotel, and Siam@Siam are all great accommodation options for the family.

Chatuchak is away from the intense hustle and bustle of Bangkok’s city center. This neighborhood is home to Bangkok’s most popular weekend market. This market is huge and has something for everyone in the family.

This district is located North of Bangkok and makes it a great jumping off point for those who wish to visit the ancient city of Ayutthaya. Jatujak Studio, Le Tada, and G9Bangkok are all great family-friendly hotel options. However, the most popular hotel in this area is the Victory Executive Residences.

Banglamphu – While it might seem counterintuitive to bring your family to a neighborhood with one of the craziest party streets in the world, this is highly regarded as one of the safest neighborhoods in all of Bangkok. The primary driving reason behind this surprising fact is that the tourist police are present in huge numbers here.

Banglamphu is close to the Grand Palace, Wat Arun, and Wat Pho. A tuk-tuk ride for the family is a perfect way to explore these national monuments (all are equidistant from this neighborhood). Your kids will be talking about it the whole trip.


Whether you are backpacking in Bangkok for the price bargains, community lifestyle, or both, Bangkok has some incredible options for you! We will cover the best hostels to stay in, as well as other accommodation options for the frugal traveler.

The first thing that you should note is that the average daily hostel rate in and around Bangkok is about 700 baht, or about $20 a night. Of course, you can find options that are cheaper or more expensive, just depending on your preferences.

Bangkok’s “Backpacker Central” is, probably unsurprisingly, located near Khao San Road. There is no denying that this street has a certain energy and youthfulness in the air. A Thai poet once said that Khao San Road is the ‘shortest street with the longest dream in the world’. Here you will find many travelers preparing to set off on a very exciting and fulfilling adventure. On this street, you can drink cocktails out of buckets, eat bugs out of plastic bags, play beer pong, get a fish pedicure, procure a tattoo, eat delicious street food, or anything else that your Backpacker’s heart desires.  

One of the most highly-rated hostels in this area is The Mad Monkey. For as little as $5/night, you can find yourself right in the middle of the madness. With its own private pool and an assortment of partiers and backpackers alike, you will definitely be able to find friends and something to do here.

If you want a more refined Backpacker experience, you can stay at the Niras Bankoc Cultural Hostel. This hostel is closer to Wat Pho and the Grand Palace but is just a quick 10-min walk to Khao San Road. The Guardian UK rated this hostel the Best Boutique Hostel in the world!

Now, if the college-aged, gap-year, travel-abroad crowd of Khao San Road is not your scene, we have a few more options for you. Need a more business-in-the-front kind of vibe? If so, the Cubic Bangkok is perfect for you. This hostel is located near the central shopping area of Bangkok. It is close to delicious food and famous restaurants and boasts a strong-wifi connection throughout the entire building. Perfect for digital nomads!

Lastly, we realize that not all “backpackers” are looking for hostel-type accommodations. Of course, there is always the option of staying in an AirBnB (many apartments can be found for $20/night — not much more than hostel prices!) If you miss the community aspect of hostels but need to work more than you party, you might consider a co-working/co-living space. The most well-known co-work/co-live spot in Bangkok is called UnionSpace, and now has 2 locations.


Love is in the air in the city of Bangkok! There are tons of accommodation options for couples in Bangkok, whether you are celebrating a honeymoon or anniversary, setting off on a romantic holiday to the islands, or just doing some cultural sightseeing around Bangkok. Here are a few of our recommendations.

For the honeymooners or deep-pockets, there are incredibly beautiful and luxurious accommodations along the river. Of these, the most famous would probably be the Mandarin Oriental, located along the Chao Phraya River. This hotel dates back 125 years when it first started as a seaman’s lodge. Now a unique and luxurious experience that is quintessentially Bangkok, this hotel will get you a room starting at $400/night.

If you still want luxurious experiences but don’t want to shell out $400/night, you should book a stay in the Sukhumvit district. Filled with some of Bangkok’s most famous restaurants and eateries, top-notch bars, and craft cocktails, as well as endless shopping and entertainment options, the Sukhumvit neighborhood would make an excellent base for a romantic weekend away. Two beautiful options include the 18 Mairtria Hotel Sukhumvit 18 and Ad Lib, both around $150/night.

Lastly, it’s worth noting that there are hundreds of romantic and beautiful options for Airbnb and Booking.com. You can explore these pages for hours to find the right accommodation for your needs.

First Timers

If it’s your first time in Bangkok, you will probably want to see all of the main sightseeing attractions in the city. For this reason, we suggest staying in the heart of all culture and history. This would be in the Banglamphu neighborhood, next to Wat Pho, The Grand Palace, and The Chao Phraya River.

The Old Bike Inn is a great choice for your first time in Bangkok. This vintage-decorated hotel is close to all the commotion, being a 5-min walk to the Golden Mountain and a 15-min walk to the famous Khao San Road. This hotel stays true to its theme, by giving free bike rentals at any time, as well as free bike tours of the city twice a day. This is a perfect and fun way to see the city for the first time.

A beautiful way to see the city and truly feel like you are staying in Thailand is at the Riva Surya. This amazing property is right on the river, boasts a magnificent pool and jungle-esque atmosphere, and is close to all the main sightseeing attractions in Bangkok. For under $100/night, this hotel is a luxurious experience for less. You won’t be lacking or wanting for anything.

No matter where you stay during your time in Bangkok, you’re bound to have a blast. The Thai government has invested a considerable amount of money into public transportation infrastructure. As such, all hotels within the city limits are a quick BTS/MTR/tuk-tuk ride away from the hottest tourist spots.

Our recommendations offer insight for families, backpackers, couples, first timers, partiers, and culture enthusiasts. Whether you are looking to travel frugally or have the trip of a lifetime, Bangkok offers something for every type of traveler. There are no wrong choices in Bangkok, just different paths.

Related Questions

What are the most popular neighborhoods in Bangkok?

One of the most popular areas in Bangkok is Banglamphu. It is home to Khao San Road. Silom Road is another popular district in Bangkok. Siam and Chatuchak are two equally famous neighborhoods in this metropolis.

What are the best bars in Bangkok?

Bangkok is home to a number of extremely interesting nightclubs, bars, and venues for partying. Ratchadapisek (RCA) is home to Onyx Club and Route 66 Club. Khao San Road hosts an entire strip of great bars. Soi Cowboy is world famous, as is the Sky Bar.

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